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WLC2014 Program Guide (PDF)

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2014 World Leisure Congress Guidelines for Preparation of Posters

Download Sample Poster Template (PPT)


Monday, September 8                     11:00 am-2:00 pm

Tuesday, September 9                     11:00 am-2:00 pm

Thursday, September 11                11:00 am-2:00 pm


Poster boards are located in the Ballroom of the Mobile Convention Center. Each presenter has been scheduled to present a poster on one day during one of the above day/session time slots when they must be at their Poster. Posters must be mounted on their assigned poster board between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on their scheduled day of presentation. All Posters scheduled on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday must remain on display between 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM and must be removed by 5:00 PM.

MC² is not responsible for poster materials left after each day’s removal deadline. Posters remaining on the poster boards after the removal deadline will be removed by MC² and discarded.

You will be provided with a poster board on which to display your materials. Your materials should be on thin poster paper or laminated paper – nothing heavier will stay in position. You will be provided with pushpins or thumbtacks.
The Poster board Number will be posted by WLC to identify which poster board should be used by you to mounting your poster for that day.

Include your e-mail address on your poster to assist viewers with contacting you later.

You may want to provide printouts of your poster as handouts.

POSTER BOARD ASSEMBLY RULES AND REGULATIONS - Please read this section, it is very important!
Do not write or paint on the poster boards, or use double-faced tape, Velcro or any other adhesive type product to mount your poster presentation. The poster boards are NOT the property of WLO.

It is required that you or a designated representative be available at your poster to answer any questions about your scheduled author-attended poster session. Presenters or their designees must be at their posters during the session on their scheduled day of presentation. Attendees have the expectation of access to authors of posters on display during this session time. Posters will be arranged by topic on one of three meeting days (Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday). Approximately three hours each of those days is set aside for poster presentations when no other sessions are scheduled. The authors need not be present the entire time but if not, should post the hours when they will be at their poster.

Changes in the presentation type, day, time, and poster board location cannot be made after August 25.

Presenters will have a 4’ x 4’ area to display their poster, and will share the poster board with another presenter. The board will indicate the poster number in upper right or left corner. Prepare a label for the top of your poster indicating the title, authors, and affiliations. Lettering should be at least one inch (1”) high.
We have supplied guidelines for the poster layout in a poster template which is posted at the World Leisure You are not required to use the template. Use the board assigned to you and do not move the established location of your poster board. Projection equipment, videotape recorders or any other audiovisual equipment will NOT be available in the poster session area. Maximum size for posters is 36” w and 48” h. (841mm x1189) All presenters must register and pay the fees to attend the World Leisure Congress. Register online. Pre-registration discounts end Friday, August 29.

  CONTACT INFORMATION :For general questions about the WLC Poster Program, your presentation, etc., contact  by email or by phone: (1) 319-273-6279.






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